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Loma Scientific International - MMDS Transmitters, Microwave Power Amplifiers and Broadcast Television Systems

A Broadband Wireless Access MMDS Transmitter Manufacturer and Systems Company

Wireless Communications and Repeater SiteFor over 40 years, longer than any other firm, we have been designing, manufacturing products for, constructing and servicing multichannel broadcast television facilities. During this time we have also had extensive design and construction responsibility for high power VHF and UHF stations and broadband, point-to-point, multihop, terrestrial microwave systems. Our experience is unmatched and our GLOBAL COMMITMENT TO QUALITY is without equal.

Broadband Wireless Access NetworkEvery element of a WIRELESS NETWORK broadcast station requires a careful match of components to achieve minimum system performance specifications and long term reliability. From satellite hubs or fiber optic Internet backbones, computer local area networks (LANs), multimedia content servers, encryption and firewall or proxy server control, STL and telemetry, headend radio transmission and reception, to the wireless transverters of business subscribers and home terminals: all of these elements must be easy to service to maintain performance and minimize downtime.

Loma Scientific is most aware of the two rules of the 1990's:

  1. Internet service subscribers and multimedia audiences do not care how data or programming gets to them (and back again); they just want uninterrupted, quality services, and
  2. Operators are not selling technology; they are selling time!

Design Review Meeting Services Provided by Loma Scientific:

Systems Design - - - - - (e.g.) hybrid.pdf (200Kbytes)
Systems Integration, Installation, Test and Alignment
Turn-key Construction
Project Management and Training
Ongoing Maintenance and Field Services

From backbone network and computer LANs or studio networks, to microwave links and wireless transmission to reception, we service what we sell.


Loma Scientific International
3115 Kashiwa Street, Torrance, CA 90505 USA
Telephone: (310) 539-8655, FAX:  (310) 539-8634, e-mail: info@lomasci.com

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