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Loma Scientific International - MMDS Transmitters, Microwave Power Amplifiers and Broadcast Television Systems
A Broadband Wireless Access MMDS Transmitter Manufacturer and Systems Company

Our Products

LSI 58STE 100W Ultralinear Transmitter

Transmission Equipment
    MMDS Transmitters
    VHF and UHF Transmitters
    Power Amplifiers
    Spectral Mask Filters
    Channel Combiners

    Broadcast Antennas
    Transmission Line and Connectors

Repeater and Miscellaneous Link Equipment1KW Intercept Booster Amp
    Translator and Beambender Antennas
    Tower Mounted High Power Booster Amplifiers (TMAs)
        Ultralinear TMA Model LSI-2L
    Low Noise Amplifiers - LNAs - LSI2227LN
    RF Filters and Isolators
    Studio-to-Transmitter Links
    Frequency Translators - Heterodyne and Baseband
    Point-to-Point, Broadband, Microwave Links

MMDS Subscriber EquipmentLow Noise Downconverter
    Low Noise Block Downconverters - LNBs
    DC Power Inserters (Power Supply and Bias Tee)
    MMDS Transceivers
    Set Top Box Receivers, Decoders

Miscellaneous System Equipment
    Earth station Satellite Reception Equipment
    Studio Network Equipment and Facilities
    Encode-Decode Equipment
    Proof of Performance Test Equipment
    Uninterruptible Emergency Generators
    Network Redundant AC/DC Inverters
    Broadcast Towers


Printed Circuit BoardWith LOMA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, you are assured of receiving a quality product that is backed by an exceptional two-year warranty. Standard features include built in self-test diagnostics that confirm proper operation to the component (modular) level: there is no necessity for expensive test equipment. Our modular design is compact yet offers easy access and serviceability.

Transmitter Equipment RackAt LOMA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, we recognize the need to provide the digital client with more than adequate signal to noise ratio (SNR) and very low bit error rate (BER). In analog terms, an even greater (SNR) is needed to provide the viewer with a clear and sharp picture. Our engineers have developed the most effective designs to ensure excellent signal quality in both digital and analog modulation formats. We have chosen to cascade sufficient amplifier stages to provide the desired high power output while operating well below each amplifier's peak rated level. This increase in headroom eliminates waveform distortion and other forms of spurious interference, assuring a clean and trouble free signal. By operating well below the peak saturation point, our "ULTRA-LINEAR" design eliminates the need for complex pre-correction devices, thus allowing the use of simple, low cost modulators and upconverters.

Alternate Channel CombinerStandardized and interchangeable parts make field replacement a 'snap'. Tedious and complicated equipment tuning is not needed. All of our transmitters and related equipment are built for many years of continuous operation to give you, the operator, the greatest return of all: peace of mind.

Items we manufacture include: advanced 2~6GHz Digital Microwave Radio Transmitters, Receivers and Network Systems utilizing Single Channel and Multi-Channel frequency converters, amplifiers, antennas and modems. Capacity enhancements include Super Cell, frequency reuse, sectored-cell and "smart antenna" architectures.


Loma Scientific International
3115 Kashiwa Street, Torrance, CA 90505 USA
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