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Loma Scientific International - MMDS Transmitters, Microwave Power Amplifiers and Broadcast Television Systems
A Broadband Wireless Access MMDS Transmitter Manufacturer and Systems Company

Company Background

Corporate HeadquartersFor nearly six decades, the principals of LOMA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL have served the needs of the telecommunications industry on all continents in over 40 countries. The company's founder, J. Patrick Loughboro, was instrumental in the creation of FCC rules permitting the use of spectrum for Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS), changing the way the world looks at education.

When the FCC decided to allocate part of the spectrum for commercial use (MDS), we were there to lead the way in the design and manufacture of quality equipment to meet the needs of this new industry. With the advent of Multichannel MDS, LOMA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL has excelled in the continued development and manufacture of its proven technology.

Power Amplifier Final TestLOMA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL is a leading manufacturer of state of the art transmission equipment for the broadcast industry. Our dedication to research and development is unmatched. As a result, we are the only manufacturer to incorporate a true "ULTRA-LINEAR" design philosophy into transmitters, the heart of any broadcast facility.

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On Channel RepeaterLOMA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL has used its expertise to inform, entertain, educate and connect the world population through telecommunications technology for six decades. Its pioneer status is self evident in the following list. Loma was the 'first in the industry' to provide these products and applications, and Loma continues to be on the forefront of developing new and important ideas and technologies for the future:

1957: Provider of the first OFS (Operational Fixed Service) system;
1963: First to provide an ITFS (Instructional Television Fixed Service) school system;
1967: First ITFS university system;
1969: First interactive video, audio and data system;
1970: First high power 'beam bender';
1971: First MDS (Multipoint Distribution Service) system;
1980: Provider of the first low cost encode-decode system for LPTV and MDS;
1985: First all GaAsFET amplifier design, MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service) transmitter;
1988: First full product line for the MMDS marketplace, from Ultra-Linear transmitters in the split and combined carrier modes to broadband, multichannel transmitters;
1990: First 31 channel, 100 watt MMDS transmitter system;
1992: Inventor of the world's smallest, (and only) DC powered MMDS transmitter;
1993: First all solid state LMDS (Local MDS) transmitter;
1994: First proof of performance in MMDS digital video compression;
1995: Inventor of the first and world's smallest 10 watt, MMDS transmitters, fitting four across in a three unit (5.25" vertical) sub-rack;
1996: First miniature microwave channel combining system;
1997: First single source supplier for digitally compressed MMDS transmission systems;
1998: First implementation of high-speed, two-way wireless Internet system in the US using unlicensed bands at 2.3~2.4GHz with high power transceivers reaching over 40 miles;
1999: First international installation of high-speed, two-way wireless Internet system in the 3.4GHz band;
2000: First design of a Nationwide network to provide 100 TV channels to 100 cable headends with two-way Internet connectivity and telephony;
2001: First design of a Nationwide network to provide TV and BWA for high-speed Internet, telephony, video conferencing, emergency and other services in 3000 rural communities;
2002: First full feature design and equipment for UHF broadcast station with studio, STL and live ENG serving border communities of Guatemala and Mexico;
2002: First MMDS systems in Somalia with all equipment and installation services in the cities of Hargeisa and Mogadishu;
2003: First PAL-MMDS system for the Kingdom of Bahrain;
: First five complete MMDS systems (both headend and reception) for military theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan;
: First full feature, 21 channel MMDS system with STL and encryption for the Island of Yap;
: First design, construction and manufacturing of equipment for nationwide digital, multi-channel service (using QPSK to QAM transmodulators) for 256 underserved US locations;
: First commercial MMDS system in Afghanistan;
: First simulated MMDS system for a military classroom to train AFN field technicians in operation and maintenance procedures;
: First MMDS system for the Island of Diego Garcia;
: First digital MMDS system at 2.2 GHz with CAS for the nation of Djibouti;
2008: First design and equipment for a major digital MMDS system with CAS (each 1-RU chassis contains 6 encoders + statistical multiplexing);
: First long term contract with DOD to support continued build-up of MMDS systems for locations throughout both military theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan;
2009: First and Only MMDS system in Korengal Valley of Afghanistan serving the Platoon at Outpost RESTREPO, currently "the most dangerous military outpost in the world";
2010: First low cost test accessories. Shipping new LSI-8A Test kit overseas for field troubleshooting systems with inexpensive field strength meters. End users are able to diagnose system installation problems without returning major equipment components to the US for diagnosis at the factory;
2011: First DVB-C digital pay TV MMDS broadcast system with CAS shipping to Guyana, South America;
2012: Consulting and digital headend equipment identification and recommendation to DOD in support of their transition from analog to digital FTA services in Kosovo, Camp Taji and many other sites in theater;
2013: Providing replacement high power MMDS transmitter equipment to existing operators with bankrupt competitor systems in Nigeria, Africa;
2014: Shipping High Power Multi-Channel downstream transmit Block Converter Amps to 2.6GHz Wireless ISP in major Midwest US market;
2015: First Tower Mount booster-repeater LNA pre- and power amplifiers shipping to Huntsville, AL;
2016: Ongoing Research and Development of new Broadband Wireless Access transmitter equipment in several segments of the microwave S-Band spectrum.

This list also demonstrates that Loma has been truly the first to "define" the industry in a proactive way. The Company's goal is not just to continue to define the new upcoming technologies but to have the resources available to capitalize on them as well.


Loma Scientific International
3115 Kashiwa Street, Torrance, CA 90505 USA
Telephone: (310) 539-8655, FAX:  (310) 539-8634, e-mail: info@lomasci.com

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