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LSI 58STE MMDS Transmitter

High Power
Multiple Channel MMDS Transmitters
    Indoor (Rack Mount)

    LSI58D Series 800 Watt equivalent final
    LSI58   Series: 400 Watt equivalent final *
    LSI38   Series: 200 Watt equivalent final
    LSI28A Series: 100 Watt equivalent final
    LSI18A Series:   50 Watt equivalent final
      * (16) channel Class-A comparison test

for more information: see LSI 58STE (shown)

    Please contact us for other power or frequency requirements               


Digital Single and Multiple Channel MMDS Transmitters

    LSI25D   Series: 5 to 6 WattHigh Intercept Point Broadband Transmitter Average Digital Output
    LSI50D   Series: 10 to 12.5 Watt Average 
    LSI100D Series: 20 to 25 Watt Average

    LSI160DB Series: 3.4 to 3.7 GHz broadband

    Please contact us for other power or frequency requirements

Analog Single Channel MMDS Transmitters
    Combined Carrier

    LSI10D: Miniature 10 Watt agile
    LSI23STE Series: 5 to 15 Watt agile
        option -001 has a 20 Watt final
        option -002 has a 40 Watt final

Split CarrierLSI 25ST

    LSI25ST Series: 10 to 25 Watt
        option -001    has an internal RF high level diplexer
        option -002B has an external diplexer (25 Watt output)
    LSI50ST Series: 50 Watt
    LSI100ST Series: 100 Watt

    Please contact us for other power or frequency requirements

Outdoor (Tower Mount)

    LSI17 Series: 50 Watt final amplifier 
    LSI27 Series: 100 Watt final amplifierL 245

Portable, Battery Powered Transmitters

    L245 Series: 100 milliwatt agile
    single channel transmitter

For more information, please contact LSI sales.


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