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Loma Scientific International - MMDS Transmitters, Microwave Power Amplifiers and Broadcast Television Systems
A Broadband Wireless Access MMDS Transmitter Manufacturer and Systems Company

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Wireless Broadcast Systems MMDS Transmitters, Systems and Components

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Loma Scientific International (LSI) is your best source for wireless broadcasting and RF or microwave radio transmission systems. We manufacture products for both 1-way and 2-way fixed telecommunications serving broadband wireless access (BWA) markets including wireless cable television, telephone and internet industries.  Broadcast (commercial) quality studios, Pay TV encryption equipment, and free-to-air MMDS transmitters from LSI enable the video and audio distribution of local studio production, tape or DVD playback, satellite (feed) and terrestrial (off air) origination program signals based on NTSC, PAL or SECAM (FCC, CCIR) standards. Loma's products offer broadcasting companies the ability to include and/or transition to new point to multipoint service offerings that are DVB or ATSC compliant, such as digital wireless cable TV, SDTV or HDTV, including point to point links, STL networks, WLAN and digital backhaul telecom.

Now 60 years in business, longer than any other firm, Loma Scientific International has defined the best in circuit and device manufacturing technology. From VHF and UHF to ITFS and MMDS components or systems sales, consulting and/or construction for complete turnkey broadcast facilities, Loma is keeping you "The Broadcaster" always on the air.

Multichannel MMDS transmitters

LSI 38STE 50W Ultralinear Transmitter

38STE and 58STE analog wireless cable transmitter series
    * Broadband upconverter compatible with low cost CATV modulators
    * High intercept (3.2KW and 6.3KW) linearized amplifiers 
57DTL and 67DTL digital BWA transmitter series
    * DVB broadcast video - digital modulation linearity
    * Low phase noise microwave local oscillator
    * Low cost solution when used with satellite transmodulators

Single Channel MMDS transmitter systems and accessories

LSI 100D BRS Transmitter




Omni Transmit Antenna25ST, 50ST and 100ST analog transmitter series
    * FCC type accepted
    * Solid state microwave modules
    * Built in test circuitry
100D and 160DB digital MDS and BRS transmitter seriesDigital Ready Channel Combiner
    * 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz bands respectively
    * Class A 100W power amplifiers
    * Typical power rating at 20W average per channel
Standard accessories
    * Cable or broadcast quality modulators
    * Waveguide (directional filter) channel combiners
    * Broadcast antennas and transmission line products


On channel MMDS Repeater systems and accessories2.5GHz Beambender Amplifier in NEMA Enclosure

        LSI-2L MMDS outdoor booster (tower mount) amplifier system
                * Ultra linear power amplifier - 1KW intercept point
                * Low AC power consumption
                * Separate LNA (low noise amplifier) module
                * Various receive and transmit antennas available

Subscriber equipment available

2.50~2.69GHz Downconverter        Model 2278 digital ready series DC Power Inserter LSI TESA
                * Low noise block downconverter - LNB
                * Radar (preselect) filter option
                * Integrated dipole and parabolic (reflector) antennas
                * Power supply and bias tee, universal AC option
                            Model: LSI TESA




Loma Scientific International
3115 Kashiwa Street, Torrance, CA 90505 USA
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